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Hello There!

Hello! My name is Nicole (Nicky is fine too!) Costa and I am a 2D character animator, motion designer, blanket lover, and videogamer who loves to express emotions and stories by making things move! 

After graduating from Edinboro University and making my way through this big scary world, I discovered how satisfying it is to create and rig characters through After Effects. From there, I studied and practiced my motion design skills through Motion Design School for 3+ years to help me understand just how fun this art form can be!

As someone who falls in love with a new character every other day, be it from a project I happen to see on my Instagram feed or from a game, I love to study various character’s transitions of emotions and mannerisms to better understand how to incorporate them into my own work, and I always try to apply those foundations to my own projects, even if I’m just moving a square across the screen. I love the idea of everything in this world having a personality, and expressing that through my work is my favorite thing to do!

I hope to learn more about the motion design industry and connect to people who share the same passions and appreciation as I do!

I am currently stationed in New Hampshire, and I am willing to work remotely. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions, inquiries, or collaborations!

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Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

BFS in Fine Arts: Cinema

Senior Project - Short Film “Cookies and Grins”

Motion Design School

Fundamentals of After Effects

Motion Beast

Motion Secrets with Emanuele Colombo

Accolades and Recognition

Personal animated film “Daisy Love”

Accepted into the 2018 Anchorage International Film Festival

Accepted into the 18th Nickel Independent Film Festival

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